Main activities: Rental of mechanical means and equipment for the movement of goods - Handling of goods and management of logistics areas - Porterage work and generic labor (removals, mackerel of apartments, assembly and disassembly of furniture for congress fairs etc) - Mechanical packaging and manual and blistering of products of various kinds on their own behalf and for third parties - Industrial and civil cleaning, painting, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic and small building maintenance.


Ecology Srl is a highly qualified and experienced company created to meet the current market demands for a wide range of waste management services. Our customers enjoy the convenience of a one-stop shop and the security of knowing that their waste is managed in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way.


Main activities: Hire with or without driver of cars, motor vehicles, industrial vehicles, commercial and industrial trucks, forklifts, motorcycles and cycles, boats and caravans - Distribution, sale, import and Export and retail trade and all 'wholesale of motor vehicles and any other type of means of transport - The provision of each service of maintenance and of relative technical assistance, ivi comprised the activity of periodic revision of motor vehicles - the commercialization in kind of accessories, and spare parts.


Beach & Resort deals with the management of beach resorts, resorts, night clubs and supply of professionalism in the world of pleasure boating and hotel facilities. The goal of B&R is to represent, at every moment and in every activity, a quality brand for a demanding public, an offer of quality and courtesy, a distinctive mark, an unmistakable brand.


Main activities: Activities related to the cargo handling and logistics sector in particular: execution of logistics services related to the distribution of goods at the plants and flat commercial and logistic forms - Management of goods handling centers - Logistics.


Main activities: Transportation of goods for third parties, unimodal and intermodal, national and international, collection and distribution - Transport of people with and without drivers, individually and collectively - Management of concession lines and educational, social services and company.


The study, thanks to a strategic approach, supports the Jet Log Group in all marketing, promotion and communication phases. Jet Media Studio manages all the digital devices and communication channels of the group: from websites, to social networks, from corporate blogs to ads campaigns up to graphic design. A heterogeneous group, verticalized in the logistics and transport sector, where mastery of tools, propensity for constant technological innovation and creative adaptation are the keywords for every job. The firm is able to offer services also to the outside, to companies that need to build their corporate image online and offine.


Main activities: Road haulage of goods for third parties, in Italy and abroad, with own and third-party vehicles, in Italy and abroad, as well as operations related to shipments or receipt of goods - Transportation, loading and unloading, packaging of goods, storage, sorting and re-ordering of goods, stowage and storage of goods and goods in general, deliveries and distribution thereof, in the national territory and abroad.


Main activities: Strategic logistic consultancy - Feasibility analysis and implementation and application of evolved logistic systems and organizational and operational logistic models - Assistance on intermodal and integrated logistics development processes - Implementation of air and naval land transport application models.


We intended to contribute to the development of the West African countries, we studied and thought about what we could do and here is the idea: Jet Log Afrique. We have set ourselves up as a reliable, modern, efficient and safe logistics partner, with a keen eye on road and environmental safety. A winning partner for a new vision of Africa.           Our goal is to introduce a modern fleet of vehicles for the transport of goods, with low emission of greenhouse gases and equipped with satellite control systems. The project involves the construction of intermodal logistic platforms necessary to obtain an excellent transport service.


Main activities: Transport, loading, unloading and packaging of goods in Italy and abroad.

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