It is presented as one of the most qualified sectors of the company. We work with national and international partners, such as BRT, SDA, TNT, GLS and FEDex, Gruppo Fassi and Fratelli Merano. We take care of the final delivery of the goods, after the transit point, to the Ce.Di. Our selected and experienced staff guarantees professionalism, respect for procedures and correct operation of all control systems.


We organize the logistics of small and large companies, guaranteeing a heterogeneous customer service in order to provide any kind of assistance. The range of services is vast: goods handling and management of logistics areas, goods receiving, storage, picking, inventory control and management, order processing, static and dynamic supply, quality control, labeling and barcodes, carrier performance, cross docking, and much more.


Our logistic outsourcing service ensures total quality control and continuous monitoring of goods management. From the warehouse to the distribution and up to the last mile, we provide quality and efficiency in every step of handling the goods. Thanks to this sector we are the reference partners of our customers, supporting them in the evolution of the supply chain, providing tailor-made solutions according to the needs of the client.


The service consists of the transport of goods for third parties, unimodal and intermodal, national and international, collection and distribution. We have a vast fleet of transport vehicles and highly qualified personnel that we can put at your disposal. Our experience in the transport world is strongly consolidated by years of work in the sector, making our group the ideal trading partner for the distribution of your goods.


The service is aimed at companies that have large warehouses and cannot even take care of their cleaning and maintenance. We carry out: ideal cryogenic cleaning for industrial plants, cleaning with saturated vapors and osmotic washes, all using ecological products to carry out technical and professional cleaning, respecting the environment. We are able, on request, to carry out even small mechanical, electrical and hydraulic maintenance.


We are able to offer a complete and fast service for manual and mechanical packaging of goods. We also offer: blistering of products of various kinds on their own or for third parties, packaging, assembly of finished products, kitting, bagging, canning and labeling complete the service.


We have numerous means available that we can put at your service to carry out transport and movements of people and goods in general. It is possible to rent with or without a driver: cars, motor vehicles, industrial vehicles, commercial and industrial trucks, forklifts, motorcycles and cycles, boats and caravans.

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